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Kyle Johnson - Drawing a Blank

Kyle Johnson - Drawing a Blank

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Poems & Drawings by Kyle Johnson

Kyle Johnson is a self-taught artist from Bakersfield, CA currently residing in Santa Clarita. He has been an artist at Tierra del Sol since 2019 where he has created works in painting, ceramics, textiles, and poetry. Over the course of a year, Kyle spoke these poems aloud during phone calls with his mentor from Tierra del Sol. His wisdom, accompanied by images from his sketchbook, provide a meaningful commentary on the intersectionality between race, disability, politics, environmentalism, and love. His profound insight weaves truth between humor and tenderness, inviting us into the vast depths of his soul and our own.

Published by Tierra del Sol, 2021

Softcover, 92 pages with color images

6 x 8 inches

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