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Leon Trotsky - Art & Revolution

Leon Trotsky - Art & Revolution

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“Art, like science, not only does not seek orders, but by its very essence, cannot tolerate them. Artistic creation has it's laws – even when it consciously serves a social movement. Truly intellectual creation is incompatible with lies, hypocrisy and the spirit of conformity. Art can become a stron ally of revolution only insofar as it remains faithful to itself.” – Leon Trotsky, 1938

In these writings, one of the outstanding revolutionary leaders of the twentieth century discusses important questions of literature, art, and and culture in a period of capitalist decline and working-class struggle. From the vantage point of a leader of the early Soviet republic and thin its defender against the political counterrevolution led by Joseph Stalin and this supporters, Trotsky examines the place of art and artistic creation in building a new, socialist society.

Published by Pathfinder in 1972. Sixteenth printing 2017

Softcover, 273 pages

Size: 5.5 x 8.5 inches

Condition: New

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