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Amilcar Cabral - Revolution in Guinea

Amilcar Cabral - Revolution in Guinea

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As founder and Secretary-General of the PAIGC, Amilcar Cabral has led his Party and the people of so-called 'Portuguese' Guinea in the armed struggle which has now liberated over two-thirds of the country from colonial domination. The texts in this book show the reasons for the success of this struggle against Portugal and its NATO allies, and include Cabral's major contributions to revolutionary theory which clearly place him among the most important revolutionary theory thinkers in Africa and the world today.

Published by Stage 1 in 1969

Softcover, 142 pages

Size: 5 x 8 inches

Condition: Good+ Blue marker marks on cover as pictured. Typical wear to cover and binding. Pricing notes on inside cover. Otherwise clean and spotless interior. 

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