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Mike Gunderloy - How to Publish a Fanzine

Mike Gunderloy - How to Publish a Fanzine

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In 1988 Gunderloy's book How To Publish A Fanzine was published by Loompanics Unlimited, followed the following year by a 54 page zine entitled Why Publish? During this period, Gunderloy became a spokesperson for the zine community. He was interviewed about zines constantly and authored a number of articles about the small press. He frequently contributed zine reviews and articles about the self publishing world to The Whole Earth Review. In one of these, he described zines to the general public thus: "Zines are the periodicals that live in the cracks between the major journals you can find on the newsstands. They are published all over the country, circulate primarily by mail, and are done for love rather than money. Because they're hobbies rather than businesses, zines can be freer in what they say. But this also means you have to be more patient in dealing with them. The typical zine publisher comes home after a long day at some real job and then spends another six hours writing, designing, and trying desperately to answer her mail. Be patient when you write. Send a stamped, self-addressed envelope if you want more information. Send well-wrapped cash, or checks made out to the person doing the publishing rather than the name of the zine, which probably doesn't have a bank account. And above all, be prepared to be surprised, entertained, outraged, amused and informed by these, the irrepressible outlaw publishers of the world."

Signed by the author.

Published by Loompanics Unlimited 1988

Hardcover/Softcover, 91 pages

Size: 5.5 x 8.5 inches

Condition: Good/Very good.

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