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Repeal 41.18 Riso Print

Repeal 41.18 Riso Print

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Los Angeles Municipal Code 41.18, better known as the “anti-camping law,” bans people who are unhoused from camping on public property close to locations such as schools, parks, libraries and underpasses.

This criminalization motion doesn’t offer any solutions, resources, support. Unhoused people are arrested at 17x the rate as the overall population in LA City. Restricting where people can sleep will inevitably put more unhoused people in jail - inflicting trauma and making it even more difficult to exit homelessness.

Housing ends homelessness, not making it illegal to exist while homeless. City of LA has made incredibly little progress on housing. There is no housing, no shelters, no place for people to go. Our unhoused neighbors need #HousekeysNotHandcuffs.

11x17 Black and Red Riso Print.

Please email us before ordering more than 10 posters at a time.

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