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RIFAS - Food First Comics

RIFAS - Food First Comics

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Exploding the myth of scarcity!

An educational comic dealing with overpopulation and scarcity of food. From the intro:

"This comic book asks you to take off one set of glasses for focusing on a world problem. It challenges you to try on another pair and then to look again. The glasses through which most people see world hunger are given to us by television, newspapers and many textbooks. With these glasses on, hunger looks inevitable: we're running out of food, there are too many people, and it's all too depressing and painful to think about. But as you read this comic, you'll be trying on a new pair of glasses. You'll see that hungry people's lack of food is really a symptom of something else they lack -- their rights to the land, jobs and food they need. You'll see that hunger is not inevitable; the hungry do not have to be denied access to the resources that produce food."

Published in 1982 by the Institute for Food and Development Policy

Saddle bound, 26 pages

Size: 7 x 10 inches

Condition: Fine/Very good

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